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The Empowered Advocate

Nov 25, 2019

You asked, we listened! This has been one of our episodes with the most downloads; however, our original episode had some sound issues which made it a little difficult to listen to. At your request, we have re-released this episode with all sound issues corrected. 

This episode will give you simple, practical tools to use when engaging with others on the abortion issue. Learn how to defend the pro-life position in 30 seconds without using religion. We'll also give you great questions to ask and logical responses to the most typical justifications for abortion. 

1:00 - Why do we not engage others on the issue of abortion?

2:50 - Going into a conversation with the right attitude and motivation

13:11 - SLED: What is it? 

14:42 - Size: Why does size matter when determining the value of a life?

16:28 - Level of Development: Why does level of development matter when determining the value of a life?

20:10 - Environment: How does where you are determine what you are?

22:11 - Degree of Dependency: Why does dependency on another human being matter when determining the value of a life?

29:27 - Common justifications for abortion

30:05 - Justification #1: Shouldn’t a woman have the right to do what she wants with her body?

35:35 - Article Reference: Abortion is Good, Because I am a Good Person 

37:00 - Justification #2: If a woman is unable to take care of a child because of financial issues or an absent father, she should be able to abort.

41:20 - Justification #3: Abortion should be an option for women in cases of rape or incest.

44:45 - Defend the pro-life position in 60 seconds or less