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The Empowered Advocate

Mar 13, 2019

Interviewed on the pilot episode of The Empowered Advocate are Carter Mundy (Associate Executive Director) and Deanna Jewell (Client Services Director). Carter, Deanna, and Mary discuss the inner workings of the Care Center and the motivation by behind why we serve the community.


0:00 Intros and welcome to The Empowered Advocate!


3:35 - Deanna shares about all our services, including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD testing, classes, and material resources--all free of charge.


6:00 - Carter explains the Success Sequence and why it matters: medical services, educational services, and mentorship.


7:15 - Deanna discusses the Care Center’s changes over the past 3-4 years. GPCC moved to a new location; bought and began operating a mobile ultrasound unit; began sidewalk advocacy outside Greensboro’s abortion center; added STD treatment to services; nearly doubled the annual budget; hired more staff and nurses. We’ve increased clients on average at about 20% every year for the last several years.


12:15 - Carter talks about the motivation behind why the Care Center exists. GPCC is a Christian organization and seeks to share the gospel with clients and also give the church the opportunity to minister to the needs of the community.


13:15 - GPCC is not Planned Parenthood. We don’t offer of refer for abortions. Deanna shares about why we do not offer this service: because we want what’s best for women.


15:45 - How does abortion relate with the gospel? Carter shares how our faith as an organization informs what we do. “We believe that every human being has value, and that’s because every human being is made in God’s image.”


17:35 - We are volunteer led, staff supported. Deanna shares about the impact volunteers have on GPCC. The Open House is the first step for a volunteer to get involved. To sign up, visit and follow the prompts to register.


21:00 - What’s the goal of the Care Center for 2019? Carter and Deanna share about the direction the organization is moving in. We want to see 1,200 clients in 2019; more partners and volunteers; adding more days out on the sidewalk at the abortion center; continued excellent care.




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