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The Empowered Advocate

Mar 13, 2019

Today Mary Holloman and Client Services Director, Deanna Jewell, tackle an article from Cosmopolitan that came out in February 2019. The article is titled, “Fake Health Clinics are Tricking College Students.” The article makes several claims about pregnancy resource centers that are quite startling. So we sit down to respond to each claim and to present an accurate picture of what our PRC actually does.


1:45 - Claim #1: PRCs show graphic images of abortions and STDs to clients and tell them that “abortion is bad, sex is bad.”


3:50 - GPCC’s stance on sex and a biblical perspective on the best sex.


5:39 - What is GPCC telling clients about abortions?


7:30 - Claim #2: PRCs are unlicensed, unregulated, share wrong medical info, and prevent women from getting the care she actually needs.


8:25 - GPCC has licensed nurses who perform all medical services. Nurses are overseen by licensed medical directors. GPCC is volunteer-led and staff supported; volunteers who are not licensed do not perform any medical service. A nurse is present in every appointment.


10:45 - Does GPCC ever prevent women from getting the care they need?


13:15 - Claim #3: ‘Creeping on Campus’ - PRCs camp out near campuses to target college students.


14:00 - GPCC wants to remove barriers for women to receive the care they want/need.


15:45 - Claim #4: ‘Peddling Medical Myths’ - PRCs exaggerate side effects or complications associated with the abortion pill.


16:40 - GPCC provides complete, honest, holistic information so that clients are fully informed.


20:52: - Claim #5: ‘Deception on Wheels’ - PRCs offer ultrasounds without being licensed using mobile ultrasound units.


23:19 - Claim #6: PRCs use strategies to reach clients on social media.


27:10 - Claim #7: PRCs are the same as the people who stand outside abortion clinics with graphic pictures, yelling, screaming, and “in your face.”




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