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The Empowered Advocate

Mar 13, 2019

When someone close to us learns they are pregnant unexpectedly, what is the appropriate biblical response? Should that response be any different if the mother is a believer? Mary Kate White joins us and shares her personal experience of finding out she was unexpectedly pregnant with twins. What followed was a high risk pregnancy, an earlier-than-expected wedding date, and months in the NICU with her two daughters. Mary Kate shares how her faith and a solid support network of family and friends carried her through a time of uncertainty, showing how grace often meets us in the most unplanned times of our lives.


Mary Kate is a writer and you can follow her on her blog at




1:50 - Introducing Mary Kate White


4:00 - Mary Kate shares about the circumstances leading up to the news that she was unexpectedly pregnant with twins.


7:45 - Mary Kate and Andrew’s reactions to the news. The 3 S’s: Shocked, Scared, and Shame.


11:38 - Mary Kate finds out she is pregnant with twins.


14:05 - Mary Kate’s fears and concerns about how her family and church community would respond.


18:24 - Was abortion ever recommended?


21:45 - Mary Kate found out her pregnancy was high risk. Her daughters’ conditions occur once out of every 60,000 pregnancies.


29:15 - The impact of experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and how it has strengthened Mary Kate’s relationship with God. Words of encouragement to women in the same situation.


35:12 - How can Christians respond to an unplanned pregnancy in a biblical way?