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The Empowered Advocate

Apr 14, 2019

How do we defend the pro-life position? Today we discuss how to use a tool called SLED in order to make a convincing argument against abortion in a clear and concise way. You can read more about SLED on Stand to Reason’s website at


1:00 - Why do we not engage others on the issue of abortion?

2:50 - Going into a conversation with the right attitude and motivation

13:11 - SLED: The unborn differs from the born in only four ways. None of those ways are good reasons to justify killing a person then (in the womb) but not now (outside of the womb).

14:42 - Size: Why does size matter when determining the value of a life?

16:28 - Level of Development: Why does level of development matter when determining the value of a life?

20:10 - Environment: How does where you are determine what you are?

22:11 - Degree of Dependency: Why does dependency on another human being matter when determining the value of a life?

29:27 - Common justifications for abortion

30:05 - Justification #1: Shouldn’t a woman have the right to do what she wants with her body?

35:35 - Article Reference: Abortion is Good, Because I am a Good Person

37:00 - Justification #2: If a woman is unable to take care of a child because of financial issues or an absent father, she should be able to abort.

41:20 - Justification #3: Abortion should be an option for women in cases of rape or incest.

44:45 - Defend the pro-life position in 60 seconds or less