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The Empowered Advocate

Jul 1, 2019

"It's a pretty awesome thing when a baby goes from being a problem to fix to a gift and a blessing to its own mother."

In this episode we interview Lauren McClure, a Registered Nurse at the pregnancy center. She gives an insider's look at her role within GPCC and addresses many of the misconceptions about nurses within a PRC. 

0:00 - Welcome to Lauren McClure, RN 

1:45 - Lauren’s work history and how she got started at GPCC

4:35 - Many people assume that PRCs have “fake nurses.” Where does this idea come from, and is there any truth to this claim?

10:50 - Have you personally experienced any negative feedback about your involvement with a pregnancy center?

12:10 - What are the differences between working as a nurse in a pregnancy center and working in a hospital?

15:00 - Lauren shares about the relationships she’s able to build with clients.

16:45 - Lauren discusses her role as a nurse and what that looks like at GPCC. 

20:20 - What are the primary purposes of ultrasounds at a PRC?

23:00 - Lauren shares about the relationship of the PRC with local OB/GYN doctors, and how they oversee and sign off on every scan from the pregnancy center.

25:30 - What are the most common emotions clients experience within the ultrasound room?

26:45 - Do ultrasounds still matter? What role does an ultrasound play in helping women make fully informed decisions?

30:45 - Lauren shares how being on the sidewalk outside the abortion center brings with it a whole different set of challenges than being within the walls of the pregnancy center.

37:45 - What are clients saying about the pregnancy center?

39:50 - Lauren shares her favorite part of working at GPCC.