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The Empowered Advocate

Jul 15, 2019

Josh Kappes from Love Life joins host Carter Mundy for a discussion about the role of men in the issue of abortion. Is abortion strictly a women’s issue? By removing men from the conversation, are we actually absolving them from taking any responsibility for their children and families? What is the appropriate biblical perspective, and how can men take practical steps to speak up on abortion while also empowering other men to do the same? 


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Love Life:

Sidewalk advocacy: YouTube video


Time Stamps

0:50 - Josh Kappes shares about how he got involved with Love Life. What is Love Life and what is its purpose?

12:15 - Men have no uterus - so how can men have anything to say about abortion?

19:20 - Sure, men can and should have an opinion. But how can men take it further? What should their response be?  

22:45 - Josh shares a story from outside the abortion facility.

27:55 - How can we sum up what God’s design for manhood is?

29:00 - What deeper issue is at the heart of abortion?

31:20 - Carter and Josh discuss some of the recent laws passed in states like Georgia and Alabama, and how our culture is responding to it.

35:30 - To be consistently pro-life, what should we say to the argument that laws should provide an exception for situations involving rape and/or incest?

38:35 - How abortion is more than just a procedure. Abortion devalues not only the unborn life, but also the life of the mother.

39:15 - How is abortion like a modern day holocaust?

42:20 - “We’ve got to get over our addiction to being liked by everybody.”