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The Empowered Advocate

Aug 19, 2019


Why would it seem better to choose abortion over adoption? The answer is more complicated than you might think, and today we discuss this and other tough questions with volunteer Andrea Johnson. Andrea serves as a peer advocate, and was herself adopted. She shares her story and talks about how adoption impacted her. She also has experience with a past abortion, and shares how both these experiences have affected how she relates to clients walking through an unplanned pregnancy.


0:38 - Andrea shares her motivation behind getting connected at GPCC

2:45 - Finding out that she was adopted

5:00 - How did her adoption affect her relationships with her adoptive parents

6:35 - The moment when Andrea became interested in finding out who her biological parents were

8:30 - How the news impacted Andrea

12:15 - How does your experience with adoption affect the way you relate to women at GPCC?

14:00 - How has your experience with both adoption and abortion allowed you to speak truth to women who are undecided?

17:05 - Is there a more negative connotation associated with adoption from the African-American community? If so, why? 

20:00 - What is the difference between placing for adoption and a child being placed in foster care?

23:55 - Why would it seem more ideal to have an abortion than to place for adoption?

25:15 - How did your abortion experiences affect you?

26:40 - What would you say to a person who has experienced an abortion in their past?

28:25 - What would you say to a person who is struggling with the reality that she has been adopted?