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The Empowered Advocate

Sep 16, 2019

Many view abortion as a political issue - if that’s true, then should the church have anything to say about it? How can the church speak honestly about abortion without alienating those who have experienced it? Is abortion a topic that’s optional to speak about within the church? Carter Mundy joins us to discuss this and other tough questions.

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Time Stamps:

1:00 - Carter Mundy shares about his history with GPCC.

2:45 - Highlight reel - favorite moments at GPCC.

8:00 - Carter shares his family’s new direction: planting a church in Roanoke, Virginia.

9:00 - “God’s Plan A for changing the world is the Church” - how does a pregnancy center fit into that concept?

12:20 - Is the abortion issue relevant to the mission of the church?

16:00 - What are some reasons that leaders in the church may shy away from talking about abortion? 

22:15 - What are churches doing really well regarding the issue of abortion?

25:10 - How can I get my church more involved in the abortion issue?