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The Empowered Advocate

Nov 11, 2019

Caralynn experienced an unplanned pregnancy as a high school senior. When her parents found out, they told her she was no longer welcome to live at home. She sought out an aboriton, and moved in with her boyfriend. As Caralynn buried feelings about her abortion, she responded by becoming extremely pro-choice. What followed were many subsequent abortions and  a long struggle toward healing. The turning point came for Caralynn in an unexpected way.

Years later, Caralynn’s own daughter came to her with an unplanned pregnancy. Listen to find out how she responded. 

Caralynn Vaughn is the Executive Director of Your Choices Randolph, a pregnancy center in Asheboro, North Carolina. 

Time Stamps

1:30 - In 1977, Caralynn found herself unexpectedly pregnant as a high school senior. When Caralynn shared the news with her parents, “the assumption was that I would have an abortion.”

3:05 - “Once you’re pregnant, your life is changed.” Caralynn shares how her parents kicked her out of the house.

5:50 - The impact of her abortion on her relationships.

7:45 - Caralynn’s abortion resulted in her being extremely pro-choice. Why?

9:10 - The turning point when Caralynn faced her abortion and the impact it had on her.

10:14 - The role of the church in Caralynn’s healing process.

14:00 - Caralynn shares about the abortion experiences that followed her first abortion.

16:15 - The long term effects of Caralynn’s abortions on her life and her relationships.

20:00 - How Caralynn ended up connected with a pregnancy center, and this led to her role as an executive director. 

 24:10 - Caralynn shares the impact has had on her life. 

26:00 - How can a woman take steps toward healing after an abortion?

27:35 - Caralynn faced a similar situation with her daughter. 

29:30 - How can parents respond if their child comes to them with an unplanned pregnancy?


For abortion recovery support, contact:

Your Choices Randolph - Randolph County

Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center - Guilford County