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The Empowered Advocate

Apr 20, 2020

Lauren Muzyka is the founder and executive director of Sidewalk Advocates for Life. Lauren is a licensed attorney whose passion for defending the sanctity of human life led her into the pro-life movement. After several years serving as the Campaign Strategist for the National 40 Days for Life Team, Lauren founded Sidewalk Advocates for Life in 2014.

Sidewalk Advocates for Life trains, equips, and supports sidewalk advocacy groups around the globe to peacefully and effectively offer loving, life-affirming alternatives to women and men entering abortion facilities. In just six years, Sidewalk Advocates for Life has grown to more than 200 locations worldwide and has helped more than 8,000 women choose life for their children.

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If you are interested in being trained as a sidewalk advocate in Greensboro, North Carolina, contact The Pregnancy Network at