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The Empowered Advocate

Jan 20, 2020

Laura Lynn Hughes is the author of Choose Zoe: A Story of Unplanned Parenthood and the Case for Life. Pregnant at fifteen, and choosing to keep her child, Laura knew that her life would never be the same. Through her compelling story and the stories of others, she shares the beauty and redemption that can be experienced in the midst of what many might call hopeless situations. 

2:15 - Laura Hughes shares the story behind the name of the book: Choose Zoe.

4:15 - What does it mean to have a Zoe life in the pro-life movement?  

6:00 - Laura shares how she became pregnant at 15 and the unexpected response of her parents.

10:31 - The connection with pregnancy centers, one woman’s story of abandonment, abuse, and life.

16:20 - Laura shares about her daughters’ traumatic experiences with rape and abortion.

22:15 - What type of impact abortion has on a woman’s life - in the most unexpected ways.

  • After an abortion, a woman is six times more likely to commit suicide.

27:00 - Laura’s pregnancy loss story  

36:35 - The Zoe life in practice.

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Instagram: @laura_lynn_hughes