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The Empowered Advocate

May 1, 2019

Carla Stowers, team leader for the GPCC sidewalk advocacy team, gives an insider’s perspective on what actually takes place on the sidewalk outside of Greensboro’s abortion facility. Carla shares her story about how she got involved as an advocate despite initially saying there was “no way” she’d ever serve in such a role. Carla talks about the dynamics between pregnancy center volunteers and abortion facility volunteers, the strong community she’s built with her fellow advocates, and shares a story of a woman who chose life.

Links Mentioned in Episode:

  1. Register for the next Open House event
  2. Short video about sidewalk advocacy
  3. Love Life Triad - prayer walks weekly outside abortion facility
  4. ‘Fighting for Women Through Sidewalk Advocacy’ - a story from the sidewalk


0:00 - Intro

0:40 - What is sidewalk advocacy?

1:50 - Meet Carla, Team Leader of Sidewalk Advocacy

3:08 - How Carla became a sidewalk advocate

6:30 - The first day: expectations vs. reality

9:43 - What is the atmosphere like out on the sidewalk?

11:57 - What does an advocate actually do when a woman comes to the abortion facility?

16:15 - Carla shares a story about a client who chose life

22:54 - The community of sidewalk advocates

25:45 - Interacting with abortion facility volunteers

27:50 - What should someone do if he/she is interested in sidewalk advocacy?