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The Empowered Advocate

Aug 5, 2019

Summary: In this episode, we once again take the abortion debate to the local college campus. Some of the key topics discussed: Should abortion be permissible in cases of rape? What is the difference between ending the life of an unborn child who is a result of rape, and ending the life of a toddler who is a result of rape? 


Links Mentioned:

SLED Test for defending the pro-life position:

A doctor explaining abortion procedures:


Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro to a conversation on college campus, using SLED.

2:50 - Erin shares her views on abortion by answering a few questions.

5:55 - “I’m really not sure what I stand for.” Preparing to ask good questions.

7:00 - If a toddler’s father were a rapist, would it be right to execute that toddler because of his father’s crimes?

8:56 - Setting up the transition: What is the difference between a toddler and an unborn child?

9:35 - “Now that I think about it...there is no difference. It’s still a child…I don’t know.”

11:05 - If there is no difference between a born and unborn child, should abortion really be permissible for any reason, even for rape? Does the location of the child matter?

12:35 - Shift in justification: it’s up to the mom. 

13:05 - “At what point does a woman no longer have the right to end the child’s life?” Drifting into the Level of Development argument.

15:45 - Why does development matter? What’s important about the heartbeat?

17:40 - Clarify. Repeating back to others what we’re hearing.

18:15 - Drawing another example. Why is it wrong to kill an adult, but not that same person as an embryo? “When you’re a baby, you don’t have a say.”

21:22 - Progressing to Degree of Dependency 

22:15 - What if a toddler were dependent on the care of doctors or machinery to be kept alive for a period of time - would it be right to end the life of that child? 

25:00 - The core issue: She believes it would be wrong, but the choice is up to the woman.

26:45 - Shedding light on abortion procedures.

30:20 - Have your views changed on abortion throughout this conversation?